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Classroom Air Quality Matters.

Monitor your space, with Yotabby Air Quality.

Did you know ?

There are currently 95.000.000 pupils in Europe*.
As children spend around
70% of their time indoors, a good learning environment is crucial.

Although there have been improvements to school buildings in recent years, many classrooms still don’t provide an optimum indoor environment for learning.

Studies* have reported that many schools have CO2 levels above the recommended range of 1,000 to 2,000 ppm.

*Infographic based on the following White Paper: Fraunhofer-Institut für Bauphysik IBP, Impact of the indoor environment on learning in schools in Europe, December 2015

Why School Classroom Air Monitoring?

Improved indoor air quality


Improved performance

  • Dramatically increase cognitive ability

  • Increase focal levels

  • Prevent infectious diseases

  • Reduce headaches and dizziness

  • Improve memory function

YoTabby AIR, monitors all air parameters and suggests the best actions to improve air quality inside the classroom.

Continuous Measurements

We continuously measure the CO2, Temperature, Humidity, VOC, and TVOC levels in the classroom or in your workspace using easy-to-install IoT sensors.


YoTabby AIR platform processes your measurement data using advanced algorithms taking into account the external weather conditions and outdoor pollution.

Improvement Suggestions

YoTabby AIR app sends alerts and constantly displays suggestions on how to improve your space's air quality without compromising thermal comfort and energy efficiency.

Monitor your air from our web app.
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Make your children's environment safe, and set the ground for a proper learning experience.
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