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Smart Water Tank Level Monitoring Solution

Reliably monitor your water tank's level and get notified when it's time to fill up.

Living on an island?

We are sure that you have experienced the problem of an unexpectedly depleted water tank.

Water refilling services can take days to cover your needs and expedited service is sometimes extremely expensive.

We have the solution.


Water Tank Monitoring

  • Water Level Monitoring
  • SMS/Email/Push Alerts When Level is Low
  • Compatible with ALL water tanks
  • Monitors the temperature of the water
  • Can automatically alert the water supplier

Complete sensor suite

We make sure thet the solution that we provide you with is complete both from the software and hardware perspective.

No corners are cut when desining a solution for your SPECIFIC use case, so you get the most bank for your buck.

We provide the best of the best

Personalized Dashboard

Get the information you need, in an easily digestible format, right on your phone, tablet, or computer.

We process your data so it comes in an easy to use package, organized per sensor or per sensor group.

Visualize your data.

tago dashboard demo.png

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