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We created a set of modern solutions which respond to the most common concerns. Despite the fact that all of these solutions are independent and self-sufficient, they may be combined together in order to cover more complex needs.

All of the solutions we provide are extendable and they have excellent scalability. From small yachts or offices, to ships, schools, hotels, hospitals, factories or even more to marinas, industrial parks and cities. No matter what your case is, tell us about your business or premises and we will find the solution which suits you best.


While poor indoor air quality (CO2, TVOC, R.H. etc) is explicitly associated with headaches, dizziness and feeling of sluggishness, many other factors such as high temperatures, poor lighting and noise can also cause a feeling of fatigue, boredom or lack of concentration.
By monitoring and optimizing significant environmental factors, residents' health, wellness, productivity and concentration can be improved.


Smart water metering does not only apply to the consumption monitoring but also to the observing of the residents' behavior, the operation of the pumps and the irrigations systems. This way, you can modelize the water's flow throughout the network.
Optimizing the operations of drilling/pumping stations, avoiding leakages and getting alerts for unnecessary or unintentional use, will reduce the operational cost related to both water and energy.


Metering and Control of a Building's operating systems could be either very simple or very complicated but for sure, it can get out of control in case there is no an efficient smart management system. Digitalization of the buildings is the best solution against the waste of resources (energy, water, gas etc) and in favor of the improvement of indoor comfort (Temperature, Humidity, Air Quality, Ventilation etc). A fine tuning of all these factors will significantly affect not only the operational cost but also the residents' mood and productivity.


Nowadays, more than ever, agriculture needs special treatment and precise use of resources. No matter if it is a greenhouse or an outdoor cultivation, our smart metering, monitoring and logging solution is ideal for saving resources and optimizing processes.

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ISO Certification


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