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Welcome, to the new era of IoT communications.

Introducing Yotabby by InviBIT

The smartest IoT sensor ecosystem ever.

Yotabby monitors, everything that can be monitored.

Yacht & Marine

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Keeping your boat safe while you're away, isn't an easy task. We have the solution.

Cold Chain

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Be in control of your cold rooms, keep your produce safe and cold, in order to have fresh products.


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The earth's soil is difficult to maintain and get right. We have you covered with 24/7 coverage.

Water Metering

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Spending excess water is not for the times we live in. See how much you spend.


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Monitor everything inside your buildings, achieve peak efficiency.

Indoor Monitoring

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Employee and workplace happiness is a must. We help you achieve that.

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Custom Solutions

Outside of the products that we develop and sell, we can design solutions for every kind of monitoring or management need.

We have an abundance of experience in our team, that helps us be the leaders in proprietary IoT solutions around the world.

Rest assured, that every single client that made business with our company, was left satisfied and our solutions successfully solved whatever problem he had.

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