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Integrated design services for the electronics industry

We turn your requirements into real products.


Electronics Engineering Services

More and more companies recognize the advantages offered by the outsourced engineering services leveraging by the pros of the quicker time to market, the first-time-right designs, the access to specialized skill sets, the control of fixed overhead costs and the handling of the engineering peaks. We can help our customers transform their business and make them more efficient and productive, providing the necessary technical expertise.

Schematic capture is not only entering the circuits into the CAD system. Is an important part of the design process since generally calls for decisions that may seem to the untrained eye more appropriate for later in the design, such as footprint selection and BOM optimization. Component selection is crucial during the design phase since it may affect the price, manufacturability, and longevity of the product.


PCB Design Services and Prototyping

Modern PCB design is a complex and demanding process and is no longer a matter of simply placing tracks to create electrical connections.

At InviBIT, we specialize in high-performance printed circuit board physical design (layout). We have the right tools and years of expertise to design and prototype your PCB no matter how complex it is.


Firmware & Application Software Development 

InviBIT offers a wide range of embedded software development services to turn your design into a fully functional system. InviBIT develops software for embedded systems as a standalone service or integrated with our custom hardware. We excel in IoT (Internet Of Things), web-based embedded systems and small systems networking but we have extensive experience with Fiscal systems and POS firmware​, Motion and motor control, Electronic signature devices, and DSP Algorithms. 


Full Product Design

Product design is actually a broad concept which encompasses a systematic generation and development of ideas that eventually leads to the creation of a new product. In InviBIT we continuously work on new concepts and ideas, and using the latest tools and technologies we eventually turning them into successful products for our customers.

  InviBIT’s core services are:

  • Hardware design & Verification

  • Design verification

  • PCB design

  • Firmware development

  • Application development

  • Driver and BSP development

  • Enclosure design

  • Complex Mechanical parts design

  • Prototype Building and Testing

Product design

Turnkey IoT Solutions 

At InviBIT, over the years, we have created some of the most competitive IoT solutions in the market, with products in every possible IoT business. With our extensive technical background, we can help you make your idea a reality with minimum effort from your side and your business proposal a fully built product from the ground up. 

Contact us now to discuss your application.


IoT Equipment & Product Distribution

Having strong international partnerships and contracts with IoT equipment manufacturers, we provide the best of the best in terms of quality and price. Contact us immediately to receive a personalized quote of our products, or visit

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